Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nokia 770 Connectivity: WPA with PEAP and .p7b Certificates

(I've had a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet for almost a year now; this seems to be my first post about the device.)

Here are instructions for connecting to a wireless network with the Nokia 770 via WPA with PEAP and a pre-issued .p7b certificate.
  1. Convert the .p7b certificate to .cer certificates.The Certificate Manager cannot import .p7b certificates, so they must be converted to .cer files. Since .p7b files can contain individual certificates, you need to unpack the certificates and import each one individually. I did this in Mac OS X since it was the nearest machine at the time:
    • Double click the .p7b file;
    • KeyChain Access launches; choose to import the key;
    • One at a time, select each certificate and select Export from the File menu; export as .cer files.
  2. Import the keys. Copy the .cer files to the Nokia 770; launch the Certificate Manager (found on the Control Panel) and import each key individually.
  3. Connect to the network. Start the network connection process.
    • Security method: WPA with EAP;
    • EAP Type: PEAP;
    • Certificate: None;
    • EAP Method: MSCHAPv2;
    • User name: ********;
    • Password: ********;
    • As recommended, in the Advanced section, under the EAP tab, select "Use manual user name" and enter your username there as well.