Friday, August 18, 2006

More Post-Installation Packages

Image Magick for image manipulation.
  • apt-get install imagemagick
  • apt-get install xnest
LaTeX macros for Vim.
  • aptitude install vim-latexsuite
The Amarok music player.
  • apt-get install amarok amarok-xine
Terminal program for changing audio settings.
  • apt-get install aumix
Download the Debian package for skype from, then
  • dpkg -i skype*.deb (This is included in Ubuntu, but not in Xubuntu.)
  • apt-get install
Radeon tool: for effecting changes on Radeon graphics cards.
  • apt-get install radeontool
More games: the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator; and a gui frontend.
  • apt-get install xmame-x
  • apt-get install kxmame